Submit your feedback

This year, PSE will prepare the 2023 Electric Progress Report and 2023 Gas Utility IRP. At specific points throughout the process, PSE will solicit feedback from stakeholders during public participation opportunities (e.g. webinars, workshops, etc.) and through a feedback form hosted on the IRP website.

Opportunities to provide feedback on specific topics will be available for a limited time and will help inform the 2023 reports in a timely manner. We will compile the feedback we collect into feedback reports, which may include summaries of comments and questions received and responses from PSE.

Following public participation events, PSE will produce a meeting summary that describes feedback received and if/how PSE has incorporated the feedback into the IRP activity discussed.

The feedback reports and meeting summaries will be posted on the IRP website.

Timing for feedback

For the June 6, 2022 meeting on the Modernization of the Energy Delivery System and Processes.

  • June 8: A recording of the webinar and the transcript of the chat will be posted to the IRP website so those who were unable to attend can review.
  • June 13: Feedback forms related are due. Feedback should focus on topics discussed at the June 6 meeting.
  • July 1: A feedback report and meeting summary will be posted to

Stakeholders may provide feedback on any of the available topics at any given time. However, please note that feedback received outside of the feedback opportunity windows will be considered by PSE on case-by-case scenarios.

If you would like to provide any documentation, please email us at