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Our history

PSE has a rich history of energy leadership, ground-breaking innovation and dedicated service to our customers and local communities.
Here’s an at-a-glance timeline, with notable energy milestones.

  • Gas lamp photo
    1873 New Year's Eve

    Seattle Gas Light Company, the earliest PSE predecessor established this same year, introduces the Washington Territory to manufactured gas lighting.

  • light bulb icon

    Thomas Edison invents the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb.

  • solar icon

    Charles Fritts builds the first genuine solar cell.

  • electric icon

    The electric alternator is invented, an electric generator producing alternating current (AC) better for sending electricity over long distances.

  • Historical central power plant

    Thanks to Seattle Electric Light Company, a PSE predecessor, the Puget Sound region receives electric service from a central power plant.

  •  First large hydroelectric plant at Snoqualmie Falls

    PSE predecessor Puget Sound Power and Light builds the region's first large hydroelectric plant at Snoqualmie Falls.

  • Columbia River's first massive hydropower plant, the Rock Island Dam

    PSE predecessors build the Columbia River's first massive hydropower plant, the Rock Island Dam, now owned and operated by Chelan County Public Utility District.

  • Historical photo of Hollywood film
    Mid 1930s

    PSE predecessor Puget Sound Power and Light goes to Hollywood, filming energy's role in society in "Looking Forward" — a quaint and pure public relations effort of the day.

  • hydroelectric icon

    The Bonneville Dam begins delivering electric power from the Columbia River.

  • Natural Gas picture

    The Puget Sound region receives its first natural gas service from the Washington Natural Gas Company, a PSE predecessor.

  • solar icon

    The first solar dish generator is tied to a utility grid.

  • Puget Sound Power Light logo

    PSE adopts its name and current structure upon the merger of Puget Sound Power and Light Company and Washington Energy Company.

  • Two wind facilities complete (Wild Horse and Hopkins Ridge)

    With two wind facilities complete (Wild Horse and Hopkins Ridge), PSE is the single largest producer of renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest.

  • wind turbine icon

    PSE completes its third and largest wind project, the 343-megawatt Lower Snake River Wind Facility.

  • renewable icon

    Our mission today is deep decarbonization and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We will be coal free by 2025, carbon neutral by 2030, and have 100% clean electricity by 2045. Our local distribution system will have net zero methane emissions by 2022.