Budget payment plan

Want more predictable energy bills? Our Budget Payment Plan evens out energy costs throughout the year.*

  • Monthly payment based on average annual energy usage.
  • Less fluctuation in your monthly bill.
  • Avoids unplanned high bills during winter heating months.
  • Regular account reviews to reduce chances of a large amount due at the end of the Budget Payment Plan year in June.

To see if you are eligible, please sign in to your account.

If you have a current bill, it will still be due on the regular due date. Bi-monthly customers will still be billed every other month. Payments must be received by 5 p.m. PST on the date due. If you wish to be removed from the Budget Payment Plan, click the "Remove from Plan" button above. If you un-enroll from the budget payment plan, that change will not be reflected until the next invoice is generated.

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budget billing
Budget Payment Plan