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Delivery system planning

What is delivery system planning?

Delivery system planning (DSP) is the engineering function of evaluating how PSE’s energy delivery system must operate in order to meet customer needs and identifying solutions to predicted deficiencies under various conditions in order to ensure reliable delivery of energy into the future.

The delivery system planning process can be simplified into 6 planning steps triggered by many different types of needs that the delivery system infrastructure must address. The result is a short-term delivery system investment plan that is optimized to maximize benefit to cost and a long term plan for complex projects, program planning, and development of customer facing offerings.

The delivery system planning process can be simplified into 6 planning steps.

The delivery system planning process requires many robust capabilities across PSE from the beginning of the process such as gathering customer, load, and distributed energy resources information and forecasts to beyond the planning process end to the testing of results and benefit delivery.


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