Climate Commitment Act (CCA)

Last updated 9/30/2023

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature passed the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), which creates a market-based program (called the “cap-and-invest” program) to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This new program puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions emitted in the state and increases the cost to deliver electricity and natural gas to our customers.

What customers can expect

PSE’s natural gas customers will see higher rates reflected on their monthly bills, resulting from costs incurred by PSE to purchase allowances (a compliance instrument) to cover greenhouse gas emissions and comply with the cap-and-invest program. PSE’s natural gas customers may also see a “State Carbon Reduction Credit” to help mitigate the cost of compliance. The total bill impact will vary for customers based on household size, energy usage, and other factors.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved the new rates and credits associated with PSE’s compliance with the state’s cap-and-invest program for natural gas customers only. PSE is still determining impacts to electric customers.

Learn more about the cap-and-invest program

The state plans to use revenue raised through the cap-and-invest program to invest primarily in new projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Washington transition to a lower-carbon economy. To learn, visit the Department of Ecology's website.

More information

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Business Customers: Whether your business is large or small, PSE is here to help with a large array of energy-efficiency programs for reducing energy consumption.

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Assistance programs

PSE programs to help

We have programs, from DIY energy savings tips to bill assistance, to help you save money and reduce your bills.

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Eco energy

Working toward a cleaner energy future

PSE is committed to a cleaner energy future and has set a goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon energy company by 2045.

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