Commercial foodservice equipment rebates

New rebates are available for 2024! Our commercial refrigeration rebates have increased considerably. Find all updated rebate amounts and learn how you can get an instant rebate below.

Get instant rebates or cash back on energy-efficient foodservice appliances

Kitchen equipment can make up nearly 75% of your business’ energy use. Our rebates help you save on upgrading to ENERGY STAR® and Food Service Technology Center-certified equipment that uses less energy and can therefore lower your bill. Receive rebates instantly at participating local and national distributors or apply below.

Want to see more details about how these rebates can help your business? Watch this video.

What you get

Browse the equipment categories below to see if we offer rebates that fit your needs. Then use our foodservice rebate menu to determine your exact rebate amount. Your rebate cannot exceed the pre-tax, pre-installation purchase price of the equipment.

View the qualified product lists under "How you qualify" to see which products qualify for our rebates.

Cooking equipment
Deep vat fryers*
Natural gasUp to $4,000

Connectionless steamers*
Natural gasUp to $3,500

Cooktops & ranges
Natural gasUp to $3,000

Natural gasUp to $3,600

Conveyor toasters
Natural gasUp to $450

Steam tables
Natural gasUp to $1,800

Induction soup wells
Natural gasUp to $900

Holding bins
Natural gasUp to $2,700

On-demand overwrappers
Natural gasUp to $300

Convection ovens
Natural gasUp to $6,000

Combination ovens
Natural gasUp to $6,000

Rack ovens
Natural gasUp to $6,000

Deck ovens
Natural gasUp to $4,800

Conveyor ovens
Natural gasUp to $3,300

Rotisserie ovens
Natural gasUp to $3,500

Ice machines
Natural gasUp to $750

Commercial refrigerators
Natural gasUp to $2,000

Commercial freezers
Natural gasUp to $4,000

Commercial dishwashers*
Natural gasUp to $8,775

Heating ventilation and cooling
Demand controlled hood ventilation*
Natural gasUp to $2,500 per HP**

Funding availability subject to annual program budgets. Equipment purchased on or after 1/1/24 will be eligible for 2024 rebate amounts. Prior purchases made in 2023 are eligible for the rebate amounts available in 2023.
*City of Seattle PSE natural gas customers are not eligible for steamer, dishwasher or Tier 1 fryer rebates due to the Seattle Energy Code.
** This rebate is only available through participating instant rebate distributors.

Learn more about how this equipment saves you energy.

How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE's commercial foodservice equipment rebates:

*City of Seattle PSE natural gas customers are not eligible for steamer, dishwasher, or Tier 1 fryer rebates due to the Seattle Energy Code.

PSE reserves the right to inspect installations for qualification compliance prior to issuing payment. You must not unduly or unreasonably limit PSE's ability to conduct inspections.

For help verifying your qualifications, reach out to

How you apply

There are two ways to receive commercial foodservice equipment rebates:

1. Receive an instant rebate

Purchase qualified equipment from participating distributors and receive your rebate right at checkout, no forms required! Check our list below to see if your local distributor is participating in our instant rebate option.

PSE commercial foodservice equipment instant rebates are available at the following distributors. 

2. Receive your rebate in the mail

For customers who purchase qualified equipment outside of our distributor list, you’ll receive your rebate directly from PSE if you follow these steps. Once you’ve made your purchase you will need to:

Submit all of the above to PSE in one of two ways:

Additional information

How can our foodservice equipment rebates help you?

This 43-minute video is packed with great information about our foodservice equipment rebates and how they can help your business use less energy and enjoy lower energy bills. Please note that the rebate values mentioned in this video are in reference to those available in 2023. Please open the Rebate Dollar Menu for rebate values available in 2024.

Foodservice equipment details

Deep vat fryers

An ENERGY STAR® certified fryer can lower your energy bills every year by upwards of $2,000. They can operate with up to 25% more energy efficiency than standard-efficiency fryers, and often enable shorter cook times and higher production rates so you can cook more food faster. In addition, the cost savings resulting from how the efficiency fryers handle cooking oil can increase your cost savings by another 50%!

Commercial griddles

ENERGY STAR® commercial griddles are highly efficient due to improved thermostatic controls, enhanced insulation, higher production capacity and improved cooking performance. These come in single- and double-sided models, so it’s easy to find one that can both suit your cooking needs and save energy on your bill.

Connectionless steamers

An ENERGY STAR® certified connectionless steamer heats water from an internal reservoir instead of a water connection and prevents steam from escaping during operation. So you heat only what you use and put it to work as efficiently as possible, saving you valuable money and energy.

Some water utilities also offer incentives for qualified, water- and energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment. Be sure to check with your water provider for any possible additional incentives on connectionless steamers.

Convection ovens

Energy-efficient electric and natural gas convection ovens cook with more than 70% and 40%, respectively, greater efficiency than standard models, respectively. Use PSE's incentives to save on qualifying convection ovens and lower your energy bills, no matter what you serve.

Combination ovens

The programmability of a combination oven (often called a "combi-oven") lets you cook food in a dry-heat mode, a steam mode or both with different temperature settings, optimizing your energy cost and energy usage.

Rack ovens

A rack oven is versatile enough to bake, roast or warm prepared food in high volume, so its energy efficiency is crucial to keeping your business' energy bills low. And no matter the size of your menu, using PSE's incentive on energy-efficient rack ovens is a piece of cake.

Deck ovens

Deck ovens vary from convection ovens in the way in which heat is transferred to the product being baked. Deck ovens bake with conduction heat, which happens when heat travels directly from a hot stone or deck to the loaf of bread or sheet pan being baked. Doing so efficiently can save your business thousands of dollars over an inefficient model. PSE electric customers qualify for this rebate so choose an efficient model and get baking!

Conveyor ovens

Conveyor ovens move food through a heated chamber at a constant speed. They can handle high-volume production and can be stacked in multiples for a small footprint. Save up to $1,000 a year off your gas bill and get a rebate for this kitchen workhorse.

Ice makers

An ENERGY STAR® certified commercial ice maker can save your business an average of 15% on its energy cost without any loss of ice-harvesting power.

Some water utilities also offer incentives for qualified, water- and energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment. Be sure to check with your water provider for any possible additional incentives on commercial ice machines.

Commercial refrigeration

Energy-efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers are 25% more efficient than standard efficiency models and utilize various technology features to save energy and money. Things like electronically commutated motors, variable speed compressors and uniform cabinet temperatures all contribute to nearly $1,000 in lifetime energy savings.


An ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher is an average of 40% more water- and energy-efficient than a standard model, helping to lower your energy bills and reduce waste. Your utilities are working together to make this rebate available to you. To confirm your eligibility for specific models please contact (and have your water heater fuel type handy).

Some water utilities also offer incentives for qualified, water- and energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment. Be sure to check with your water provider for any possible additional incentives on commercial dishwashers.

Water heating

Using condensing water heating recovers heat that normally travels up your flue to the air outside, so improving its energy efficiency by 10% or more can add up to valuable energy savings.

PSE does not offer customer rebates for efficient water heaters. To take advantage of these energy savings, please contact your local distributor. PSE has partnered with many local distributors to assist in transforming stocking practice in order to make efficient equipment available to you. To take advantage of these savings, please contact your local distributor.


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