Earn incentives for new multifamily buildings

Save upfront and over the life of your next new construction project with incentives.

This program takes a whole building performance approach, and pays you for each unit of energy saved. The more energy you save , the more you’ll earn. Engage with us early in the design process to leverage incentives for energy-efficient equipment and measures.

  • What you get
    Grant estimation
    Grant applies to… Grant value Notes
    Whole building performance using Net Energy Optimizer Equipment and installation Standard: $0.45/kWh or $7/therm
    Affordable Housing: $0.68/kWh or $10.50/therm*
    Custom Approach (non-lighting; e.g. condensing boilers, heat recovery, demand control ventilation, etc.) Energy-efficient equipment that saves energy above WSEC Up to $0.45/kWh or $7/therm, subject to PSE cost-effectiveness standards Incremental to WSEC requirements or standard practice where code is not applicable
    Prescriptive incentives/rebates Commercial kitchen, laundry, and HVAC Standard PSE incentives available for various systems of business sites in construction Incremental to WSEC requirements or standard practice where code is not applicable

    * Affordable housing is defined as an overall average occupant income of 60% Area Median Income or less, and aligns with WSHFC's Low Income Housing Tax Credit programs

  • How to apply

    1. Contact PSE early in the design process

    2. Submit design documents

    3. Sign the incentive grant agreement

    4. Complete construction

    5. Submit equipment proof of payment

    To be eligible for PSE's multifamily new construction incentives:

    • You must currently be or plan to become a PSE business electric and/or natural gas customer.
    • Your new property must be a multifamily or mixed-use dwelling with at least four attached units.
    • Your new property must be within PSE's electric and/or natural gas service area(s).
    • You must be pre-approved by PSE prior to installing any energy efficiency improvement measure(s).
    • Project must be in the design or construction phase.

    Electric and natural gas incentives
    • You must meet the equipment and/or site requirements above for each respective energy efficiency improvement measure.
    Custom incentives

    You must provide the following to PSE for each proposed custom energy efficiency improvement measure:

    • Documentation that defines scope and specific action(s)
    • A baseline electricity and/or natural gas energy usage measurement
    • Installation cost(s)

Get Started

To get started with PSE’s Multifamily New Construction program, please fill out the application or contact John Bringenberg, outreach manager, at 720-289-3289 or PSENewConstruction@willdan.com.

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