Save up to $480* while reducing your carbon footprint

Community Solar is an opportunity for qualified residential electric customers to save up to $40* per month on their electric bill while sharing the benefits of 100% local solar energy—all at no additional cost and with nothing to install or maintain.

*Based on Eastern Washington site production when subscribed to two shares.

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Save money on your electric bill and bring local renewable energy to our communities. It’s free to enroll if you meet household income requirements, but act fast: shares are limited.

Community Solar

Why participate in Community Solar?

We’ve partnered with communities and organizations across our service area to build multiple new solar energy arrays through the Community Solar program. Here’s why you should consider enrolling today.

  • It's free. There really is no cost to enroll for residential electric customers who meet household income requirements. There’s also no contract to sign or obligations to participate.

  • It's easy. Self-qualify online or verbally to receive one free share in a local solar energy site of your choice. There’s no pre-approval process – just confirm you meet household income requirements when you enroll.

  • Save money. The best part: automatically receive bill savings of up to $40 per month for the solar energy generated by your share. That’s potential savings of $480 per year on your electricity bill.
How do I qualify?

The Community Solar income-eligible option is available for PSE residential electric customers who receive their own monthly bill and whose monthly income is less than the limits for your county. Customers will be required to confirm their household income on an annual basis.

No forms or proof of income are required. Customers simply self-qualify during the enrollment process by confirming (online or verbally) that they meet household income requirements.

Use this form to find out if you qualify

Learn more about income and eligibility.

  • How it works

    As local solar energy sites are constructed through the Community Solar program, subscriptions will become available for a limited number of shares of the electricity produced at the site, including a portion of shares reserved for customers who meet household income requirements.

    How enrollment works:

    • There are two ways to enroll: online with your PSE account or by calling an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482.
    • You’ll be asked during the enrollment process to confirm you meet household income requirements to receive up to two Community Solar shares from a site of your choice for no cost. Please note that if enrolling in more than one share, both shares must be from the same site.
    • The amount of income-eligible Community Solar shares are limited. When a site is full, customers are added to a waitlist. PSE will auto-enroll customers on the waitlist when shares become available.
    • You’ll get savings on your bill for the solar energy generated by each share—one share is equal to 1.46kW of solar energy—that help lower your regular monthly energy costs.
    • Monthly bill credits will be fixed based on an average solar generation estimate per site, which may vary based on size and location of the site.
    • Savings range from approximately $10 to $20 per share, per month based on the site selected for your subscription and will be automatically subtracted from your monthly bill after the site begins generating solar energy.
    • The program is voluntary, and you can cancel at any time.
    • Qualified subscribers will be required to affirm their eligibility on an annual basis.

    Review the full Terms and Conditions for subscription here.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Is it really free to participate?
    Yes! Funding for the Community Solar income-eligible option comes from a grant from Washington State University and our Green Power and Solar Choice programs. That means qualified customers get to enjoy the benefits of 100% local solar energy while saving up to $480 per year on their electric bill at absolutely no additional cost.

    Will solar panels be installed on my roof?
    No. Rather, solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of publicly owned buildings and other properties in our service area through partnerships with communities and organizations. That means Community Solar is open to both homeowners and renters—no roof required.

    What is the size and estimated bill credit for my income-eligible share?
    One income-eligible share of Community Solar is equal to 1.46kW of solar energy at the site selected for your subscription. Bill credits will be fixed based on an average solar generation estimate per site, ranging from approximately $10 to $20 per share per month, based on size and location of the site.

    How many income-eligible shares can I subscribe to?
    Qualified customers can receive a subscription of up to two shares of Community Solar at a site of their choice based on current availability. Eligibility is limited to 120% of customers annual average electricity usage.

    What if I move or want to cancel my subscription?
    There’s no minimum term for the income-eligible option of Community Solar. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you move to a new location within PSE’s electric service area and notify PSE at least 30 days in advance, we will make our best attempt to transfer your Community Solar income-eligible subscription to your new location.

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