Bring us your experience

One of the strengths at Puget Sound Energy is our diverse team of employees. We believe that inclusion, a respectful work environment and diverse life experiences help bring better solutions to the table, create a more enjoyable workplace and better serve our customers.

You can see our commitment to diversity at all levels of the company. We have outreach programs to attract diverse applicants to enhance our workforce. Our leaders are trained in how to build trust within teams which contributes to creating a more inclusive work environment.

PSE also works with various community organizations to promote diversity. For example, we’re strong participants and supporters of the Washington Employers for Racial Equity (W.E.R.E.), which works to mobilize business leaders to create more inclusive workplaces.

There is more work to do. That's why we regularly review our recruitment efforts to ensure that the representation of people of color and women working at PSE meets or exceeds their availability in the broader work force.