Lower Snake River Wind Facility

PSE’s newest and largest wind-power operation is the Lower Snake River Wind Facility. Spanning 21,000 acres in Southeast Washington near Pomeroy, Garfield County, this energy project builds on the success of our Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility in adjacent Columbia County, and our Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility in Kittitas County. Completed in early 2012, Lower Snake River contains 149 wind turbines that produce up to 342.7 megawatts of renewable energy. On average, the facility generates enough annual electricity to power 70,000 homes, while also contributing jobs and commerce to the local economy.

The three large wind farms we own and operate, including Wild Horse, Lower Snake River and Hopkins Ridge, generate enough annual energy, on average, to serve 165,000 homes. In some cases, we sell any excess green-energy attributes generated by our wind facilities to other entities across the nation. The revenue from these sales helps to reduce our customers’ power costs and allows other utilities to take advantage of the benefits of renewable energy.

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Anne Walsh
Sr. Wind Resource Advisor

Lower Snake River Wind Facility
Puget Sound Energy
39 Falling Springs Rd
Pomeroy, WA 99347 Map it.