Advanced Distribution Management System

Advanced Distribution Management System

  • Creating a platform for real-time grid monitoring

    ADMS is a cutting-edge software platform that will completely transform the way we can serve our customers. With ADMS, we’ll be able to monitor and optimize control of our electric distribution system in real time. This means faster outage restorations, a grid that’s ready for batteries, electric vehicles, and other new technology, and increased efficiency to support cleaner energy.

Icon streetLight

Smart Street Lighting

  • Flexible lighting solutions that save money and energy

    Smart Street Lighting gives you more choice in how you illuminate your roads and communities. Customers who partner with us on these installations benefit from PSE’s ability to monitor and control each light remotely, in real time, and make adjustments whenever needed to meet their local priorities. Lights can be instantly turned on and off or dimmed for benefits like energy conservation or reducing light pollution at night. Plus, the ability to monitor each light’s performance means broken and failing lights can be quickly identified and repaired. Best of all, because Smart Street Lights can operate more efficiently, they’re good for optimizing your energy use and reducing carbon in our environment.

    How it works

    Turning a traditional street light into a “smart” one is a pretty easy process; it’s simply a matter of installing a control module onto an existing light. Each module communicates to PSE via a wireless network and allows us to dim or brighten lights remotely, measure energy use, and track the condition of the light (e.g., if the light has failed or is damaged).

    Communities interested in Smart Street Lights and other PSE lighting options can visit

Solar battery trailer

Solar Battery Trailer

  • Showcasing a better energy future

    PSE’s Solar Battery Trailer is designed to be a rolling ambassador for showcasing Grid Modernization technology and PSE’s commitment to exploring new energy solutions for customers. The trailer features a big-screen TV that’s powered by battery storage and rooftop solar panels.

    If you see our trailer at community events, we hope you’ll stop by to say hello! You can learn more about our initiatives, charge your phone with stored energy from our solar panels, and answer “Quiz Wheel” questions in exchange for prizes. (Hint: everyone gets a prize, just for participating)

    More detail

    In addition to spreading the word about our Grid Modernization efforts, the Solar Battery Trailer shows how innovative technology can be adapted to address unique customer needs. For instance, using batteries to store a trailer’s solar panels can provide portable, off-grid power during an outage.

Living lab

Living Lab

  • Applying cutting-edge technology to community needs

    PSE’s concept of a Living Lab seeks to explore cutting-edge energy technology, test different applications in combination, and tailor Grid Modernization strategies to meet individual community needs. What will the community of the future look like, energy-wise? Bringing that vision to life is the goal of our Living Lab initiatives.

    How it works

    Since Living Lab is about adapting cutting-edge technology to fit a community’s unique needs, no two projects will be the same. Depending on the scenario, a living lab could include battery storage, EV chargers, solar panels, Smart Street Lighting and thermostats, just to name a handful of options! Living Lab is also about testing technology to increase our knowledge base, build expertise, and evaluate how various technologies work best together.

Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

  • A flexible grid to meet a growing demand

    Each day, more and more of our customers are purchasing Electric Vehicles (EV), which means a growing number will also be charging them and adding to the demand on our grid. That’s why our Grid Modernization strategy includes infrastructure improvements that will provide flexible, reliable service for our EV customers – no matter where and when you charge!

    PSE’s Up & Go Electric Vehicle Program also makes it easier to own an electric car, offering test drive events, online calculators, charging tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.

    Visit Up & Go Electric