Streamlining distributed generation interconnections for a clean energy future

Hosting Capacity Analysis (HCA) is a type of planning study that estimates the amount of generation that can be added to the electric distribution system at a given time and location under existing grid conditions. This is an important tool for PSE’s strategic goals to incorporate new technologies such as distributed energy resources (DERs) onto the distribution system. A distributed energy resource can be a generation asset such as solar PV, or it can be an energy storage unit such as a battery. Hosting capacity helps identify where DERs can be placed on PSE’s distribution system to create a cleaner modern grid.

How it works

Adding new DERs to the electric system impacts the operating conditions of the grid. As part of the generation interconnection process, a power flow study is completed to ensure that the reliability and capacity needs of the system are met after the addition of a DER. PSE is utilizing distribution system modeling software to automate the Hosting Capacity Analysis process in order to streamline these interconnection studies and improve the customer experience.

How we’re deploying it

PSE created a Hosting Capacity Heat map to provide visibility and transparency into the generation capabilities of a given area. The Hosting Capacity Map is available to customers and developers looking to add a new DER in PSE’s service territory. This map provides value to DER applicants because it helps avoid loss of time and application fees for planned projects that turn out infeasible. Furthermore, PSE is using the hosting capacity map to proactively analyze and enhance the distribution system to enable optimal DER penetration. Please email to receive a link to access the Hosting Capacity Heat map.

Hosting Capacity Heat Map

Hosting Capacity Map

Check out the available DER capacity in your area by emailing to receive a link to access the Hosting Capacity Heat map.

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