Community Giving

As a company, we focus our community giving on causes and organizations that are aligned with our business priorities in the areas that we serve. All of PSE's corporate contributions are funded exclusively from PSE's owners and employees. To learn more about these priorities, and funding eligibility, click on the links below.

PSE program does not provide general operating expenses or contribute to:

  • Individuals
  • Teams, individual schools, choirs, bands, clubs, etc.
  • Churches or religious-affiliated programs
  • Puget Sound Energy Foundation

    The Puget Sound Energy Foundation is a nonprofit entity operating independently of PSE and our parent company, Puget Energy. The foundation makes investments in increasing public safety and emergency preparedness as well as key environmental initiatives across our service territory.

    To learn more about the foundation and eligibility for funding click here:

  • Powerful Partnerships

    Preserving our beautiful natural spaces and vibrant communities are top priorities for PSE. We realize there are local non-profit organizations working towards similar goals and we want to help them with their efforts. One way we do that is through PSE Powerful Partnerships. Visit the Powerful Partnerships page to learn more.

    Take a look at the information provided in the links below and if you think your organization is a good fit or if you have further questions, please e-mail us at

  • Community Support

    PSE stays engaged in the communities we serve by providing support to a variety of organizations that align with our customer and business priorities. We evaluate requests year-round based on local community need, company priorities and available budget.