Non-Communicating Meter Service

Optional Non-Communicating Meter Service

Qualifying natural gas and/or electric service residential customers can choose a non-communicating meter (NCM) instead of a standard Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter. The non-communicating meter looks like an AMI meter, but has no wireless communication capability. Please be aware, because the meter cannot wirelessly transmit energy usage, it must be read by a meter reader in person. Customers choosing a non-communicating meter will have the meter read every other month and be moved to a bi-monthly billing cycle. Eligibility and additional costs are outlined below.


The optional non-communicating meter service is available to single-family residential customers (up to four-plex dwelling acceptable) on electric Schedule 7 or natural gas Schedule 23. The customer must be in good standing with PSE and must not have been disconnected for non-payment two or more times within a 12-month period, and must have no history of meter tampering or impeding PSE access to the meter.


Customers choosing the non-communicating meter optional service will pay an Additional Bi-Monthly Service Charge of $15 per non-communicating meter, per bi-monthly bill (e.g., a customer with both electric and natural gas service will incur a $30 charge per bill, which will arrive every other month). Customers choosing this service before an AMI meter is installed will not incur a One-Time Charge; however, customers choosing this optional service after an AMI meter is installed will incur a One-Time Charge of $90 per each electric meter and $50 per each natural gas meter. Qualifying low-income PSE customers may be eligible to have their NCM charges subsidized.


To get started, please contact our customer service center at 1-888-225-5773 or Our customer care agents will determine your eligibility and send you the necessary paperwork.

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