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Puget Sound Energy transmission line project

Energize Eastside

  • For information about the Energize Eastside project, visit the project website at energizeeastside.com.
  • For information about the Partner Cities' Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), visit EnergizeEastsideEIS.org.

Project overview

The last major upgrade to the backbone of the Eastside’s electric grid was in the 1960s. Since then, our population has grown eight-fold and our economy depends on reliable power in ways that it did not 50 years ago.

The Energize Eastside project is building a new substation and upgrading approximately 16 miles of existing transmission lines from Redmond to Renton. Combined with continued aggressive electric conservation efforts, Energize Eastside will keep the lights on in our Eastside communities for years to come.

Learn more about the project and download additional documents at energizeeastside.

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