Becoming a supplier

The first step to becoming a supplier to PSE is to create an Ariba Network account if your organization does not already have one. Once an Ariba Network Account is secured, you may choose to provide your company information to PSE by completing the Ariba Self-Registration Form. If PSE has potential business that matches your company offerings, you will receive an invite within your Ariba account to participate in a PSE Request for Proposal (RFx). If your company is awarded business, you will receive a Registration Invite via email to complete PSE’s Registration Questionnaire. Once the questionnaire has been submitted and approved by PSE, an Ariba Trade Relationship Request will be sent to your Ariba account. Accepting this Trade Relationship Request is the final step to connect PSE and your organization on the Ariba Network. Questions regarding becoming a supplier to PSE can be sent to

Suppliers should be aware that Ariba offers two account options: the Standard account and the Enterprise account. The Standard account will not incur any fees for a supplier, while the Enterprise account will have associated fees due to the market visibility and increased sales opportunities offered to suppliers through the network. Suppliers should ensure that the appropriate Ariba account type is selected. Suppliers that select the Enterprise account will receive an invoice directly from Ariba. When registering on Ariba, suppliers create an agreement between their organization and Ariba to which PSE is not a party. PSE cannot accept accountability if the incorrect account type is selected, nor will PSE accept liability for any fees incurred.

Thank you for your interest in forming a partnership with PSE to serve our community efficiently, effectively, and safely.