About the program

Maintaining safe, reliable power

The beauty of the Puget Sound area is tied to its lush, abundant trees. However, trees that grow near power lines and other electrical equipment can present challenges for delivering safe, reliable power. Trees cause about 2,000 power outages per year – either when branches touch power lines or when trees fall into lines. In addition, downed power lines are dangerous. They can be energized and hazardous to public safety.

To ensure safe, reliable power for our customers and meet applicable state and federal requirements, PSE trims or removes trees that present a risk to power lines and other electrical equipment. We commit more than $20 million annually toward tree maintenance. Learn more about our program in this short video.

Trimming for safety and tree health

To determine whether a tree presents risk or has the potential to fall on electrical equipment or power lines, we analyze trees that are within 25 feet from equipment or pole locations along the power line corridor. We make every effort to let trees grow naturally, but we typically need to trim or remove trees within 15 feet of electrical equipment or power lines.

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Tree maintenance program highlights

  • Our crews trim identified limbs that may cause safety or outage problems
  • To offset tree removal and trimming, we devote about $500,000 each year to planting new trees
  • PSE is a Tree Line USA award recipient from the National Arbor Day Foundation – an honor we have proudly held for more than 18 consecutive years


Tree trimming
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