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Energy-efficient landscaping

What is energy-efficient landscaping?

Energy-efficient landscaping can help lower energy bills for many years to come.

Well-designed landscaping methods, such as carefully planning and planting the right selection of trees and vegetation in the right places, provide targeted summer shade from the sun, as well as winter warmth and wind protection for your home. This enhances the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, conserves energy, and helps lower energy bills year-round.

Available resources

If you are interested in learning more about energy-efficient landscaping, seeking organizations that support tree planting initiatives, or searching for non-profit organizations in Washington state that assist with tree planting funding and grants, we have compiled a list of educational resources to get you started.

Educational resources:

Funding opportunities

Non-profit organizations that assist with tree planting funds/grants:

Organization resources for programs and partnerships

Local and non-profit organizations that support the community with tree planting initiatives:

Additional educational resources

Heat island studies

Tree Equity

Tree Equity is defined as, having enough trees in an area so that everyone can experience the health, climate and economic benefits.

American forest – American Forests and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has launched a statewide partnership to achieve Tree Equity across the Evergreen State.

Find your score at Tree Equity Score.

PSE service and commitment

For nearly 150 years, PSE has served customers and communities across Washington State. We are committed to providing energy that is clean, safe, reliable, affordable and equitable.

By providing these resources, we are encouraging our customers to mitigate the effects of urban heat island in the state and contribute towards a clean energy future & improve quality of life.