Wireless Collocation

Puget Sound Energy’s service territory includes thousands of potential candidates for wireless collocation, including transmission and distribution power poles, street lights and numerous PSE-owned buildings and properties located throughout the Puget Sound Region. Because we are the sole owner of our pole assets and our properties typically have existing access to distribution power and telecommunications facilities, PSE is a perfect partner for the rapid deployment of new cell sites.

To date, our team has worked with every major wireless carrier to install cell sites throughout our territory.

Application Requirements

For joint use attachments to PSE owned facilities, all application submittals and project communication is conducted through the National Joint Utilities Notification System (NJUNS). New site applications are required to include a Non-Residential Electric Service Application as part of the NJUNS submittal process.

New Site/Modification Application

New Site Application
Small Cell Ring Appendix A
Non-Residential Electric Service Application
New Site/Modification NJUNS Job Aid 
Wireless Collocation App Decommission
Wireless Collocation App Modification
Wireless Collocation App Street Light

Maintenance Requests

PSE manages all cell site maintenance communication and project tracking through NJUNS. No application document is required.

Maintenance NJUNS Job Aid

Process Overview

Wireless Collocation - Overview

Map Request

At your request, PSE will provide Utility Maps. To request maps please complete and submit the below form(s) to our Maps and Records department. Contact information is listed on the form.

External Map Request Form
External Map Request - Appendix (Page 2) 

Wireless Streetlights

On a case by case basis PSE allows collocation on streetlight only poles. Please review our approved suppliers of Small Cell equipped street lighting material that is acceptable on the PSE system. To apply for streetlight collocation use the above New Site Application.

PSE Preferred Wireless Streetlight Supplier List

Contact Us

Questions or concerns for ongoing projects will be managed via NJUNS. For other inquiries, please contact us at WirelessCollocation@pse.com

For billing related inquiries, please contact us at WirelessCollocationBilling@pse.com