Wireline Attachments

As an owner of more than 350,000 utility poles in the Puget Sound area, PSE has extensive infrastructure capable of meeting a wide variety of needs for the communities we serve. In order to avoid duplication of effort and cost, Joint Use of utility poles for wireline attachments has been a common practice for the past few decades allowing for multiple companies to provide service off shared poles.

Throughout the PSE service territory we are experiencing dramatic increases in Joint Use applications. The push to enable next generation technologies will continue to necessitate an efficient, customer focused, and precise method of processing applications and supporting our partner’s network goals.

Application Requirements

For joint use attachments to PSE owned facilities, all application submittals and project communication are conducted through the National Joint Utilities Notification System (NJUNS). Here's what you'll need to apply for joint use with PSE.

Application Form
Appendix A (Field Survey Form)
Photos of the pole(s) (click for example)
Engineered Design (click for example)

  • Photo requirements:
    1. PDF or ZIP file format
    2. Grid # used as file name of PDF or ZIP file –photos of each pole required
    3. Photo within the last 6 months – requires date stamp
    4. Photo quality 20mpx or better
    5. Photo must include entire height of the pole from a distance
    6. Photo must include part of the midspan toward the next connecting pole

Process Overview

Wireline Process Overview
FAQ Sheet

Map Request

At your request PSE will provide you Utility Maps. To request maps please complete and submit the below forms to our Maps and Records department. Contact information is listed on form.

External Map Request Form
External Map Request - Appendix (Page 2)

Contact Us

Questions or concerns for ongoing projects will be managed via NJUNS. For other inquiries, please contact us at PSEJointUse@pse.com