Puget Sound Energy tests new battery with Samish Island Community

Bellevue, Washington (2/29/2024) Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is partnering with the Samish Island Community to test out a new microgrid comprised of a 50kW/336kWh battery and an 8kW solar array. PSE will be testing the system’s ability to form a microgrid and provide back-up power during a power outage.

The battery is installed on the grounds of the Samish Island Fire Station, along with the solar array. The battery is housed in a weatherproof enclosure, atop a concrete foundation. PSE will primarily be testing the ability of the battery and solar array to form a microgrid and provide back-up power during an outage. This is known as islanding. PSE will also evaluate other functions like peak shaving, which eases strain on the grid during times of high demand, and frequency response, which contributes to grid stability.

“Our customers want a better, cleaner energy future – and so do we,” said Aaron August, senior vice president, chief customer and transformation officer at PSE. “Batteries and microgrids will help us deliver on the objectives of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act and support PSE’s commitment to being a Beyond Net Zero energy company by 2045.”

This battery project will significantly improve local reliability. During an outage it will be capable of providing three nearby homes with temporary back-up power. It will also provide the local fire station with temporary power for critical functions during outages.

What PSE learns from this battery and microgrid testing will help shape the future of PSE’s energy grid while increasingly benefiting PSE customers. As technology evolves, PSE will continue to evaluate new uses, potential benefits and ways to get the most out of every installation.

The renewable resources we are testing during this 10-year demonstration will help PSE and utilities across the country determine the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas while still providing safe, reliable, and affordable service.

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