Integrated resource plan

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) plans years in advance to ensure we have the supply and infrastructure necessary to deliver clean, safe and reliable energy. PSE is now kicking off its 2023 Electric Progress Report and 2023 Gas Utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) process.

An IRP is a 20-plus year view of PSE’s energy resource needs, which is developed through a planning process that evaluates how a range of potential future outcomes could affect PSE’s ability to meet our customers’ electric and natural gas supply needs. The analysis considers policies, costs, economic conditions and the physical energy systems, and proposes the starting point for making decisions about what resources may be procured in the future.

PSE filed the final 2023 Gas Utility IRP and 2023 Electric Progress Report  with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission on March 31, 2023.

2025 Gas and Electric IRP

PSE filed a work plan for the 2025 Gas and Electric IRP with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission on September 29, 2023.

PSE is enhancing the engagement approach for the 2025 IRP cycle building on the success of other PSE processes like the Equity Advisory Group (EAG). Through this enhanced process we aim to create more and better spaces for meaningful, equitable engagement in our resource planning process. The 2025 IRP engagement process will have two integrated participation tracks:

  • A formal Resource Planning Advisory Group (RPAG) convened to advise PSE on an array of highly-technical resource planning matters, including the IRP 2025 Integrated Resource Plan Work Plan
  • Public webinars to discuss and solicit public feedback on key topics related to PSE’s resource planning work

For more information on public participation, PSE’s RPAG, and how interested parties can get involved in PSE’s resource planning processes, please visit our Current IRP Process page or Get Involved page.