Frequently asked questions

What are PSE's mandated liability insurance coverage levels for performing work on site?

Insurance requirements for major projects are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our mandated insurance coverages and limits for most cases are found below. Please note that PSE will be named as an additional insured and evidence of Waiver of Subrogation for the General, Auto and Excess Liability Policies on the Certificate is required.

General Liability (Commercial General Liability Occurrence, Premises-Operations, Products-Completed Operations, Contractual Liability, Independent Contractors, Personal Injury)

  • Each Occurrence $1,000,000

  • General Aggregate Available $2,000,000

Automobile Liability (Any Auto for Contractors only)

Combined Single Limit $2,000,000

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Not required, but may be used to supplement General, Automobile or Employer's Liability limits to meet minimum limit requirements.

Workers Compensation

  • Each Accident $1,000,000

  • Disease-Each Employee $1,000,000

  • Disease-Policy Limit $1,000,000

Employer Liability (Stop Gap)
Limit: $1,000,000

For Consulting/Professional Services Only
Professional Liability Coverage required. Limit: $1,000,000

Do diverse-owned businesses receive any considerations/concessions?

Our complex and critical needs require a breadth of responses from our supplier community. PSE is committed to provide opportunities for diverse-owned business enterprises to competitively participate in its bidding processes.

Who do I contact if I have questions about PSE's payment process or if invoices aren't being paid in a timely manner?

If you have invoices that haven’t been paid, you should first notify the representative overseeing the project.

Can I submit multiple bids?

We expect your initial bid to be the best bid, with any exceptions clearly noted. You may submit alternate bids, but they should be made in addition to a bid that meets our requested specifications or contracting requirements.

Does PSE solicit competitive bids?

Yes, we firmly believe that our complex and critical needs require a breadth of responses from our supplier community. We encourage you to respond with your best prices and to propose engineering, design and efficiency improvements where applicable. You should also focus on providing the lowest total cost of ownership, considering factors such as price, availability of resources and product quality.

Does PSE share my bid information?

No. PSE solicits competitive bids through a confidential bidding process and we do not share bid information with other suppliers.

What are PSE’s expectations regarding subcontractors and subsuppliers?

Our policy is that the general contractor shall select competent subcontractors and subsuppliers. All subcontractors and subsuppliers must comply with PSE's general conditions for the work performed. We reserve the right to reject any proposed subcontractors or subsuppliers. For more information, please review our Responsible Contractor Guidelines.