Transition Your Water Heater Service

We are transitioning our gas water heater rental service to Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) on December 23, 2020. You have a choice to continue your rental service with GHL or end your rental service. We are here to help provide you the information you need for your choice.

GHL is an industry leader in delivering heating, cooling and energy solutions to customers across North America. They will continue to provide you worry free repair and replacement service for your water heater, with even more options for heating and cooling equipment.

Continue your rental service

Please enroll with GHL to continue your rental service and the benefits it provides. GHL will provide the same quality water heater repair and replacement service as you have had with PSE, with a guaranteed rental rate on your existing equiment1 for two years. GHL has partnered with PSE’s current service provider, FAST Water Heater for seamless continuation of repair and replacement service. Please review the comparison for more information.

For more information, and to enroll:

Continue with GHL

End your service

If you prefer to end your rental service, you must notify PSE prior to December 23, 2020. You may have a payoff balance to take ownership of the water heater.

To end your rental service and take ownership of the water heater please start the process below:

End Your Service

If you would wish to have PSE remove the water heater, please contact Lease Services.

1 PSE rental rate as of April 30, 2020.


Contact information

Lease Services:


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
(except holidays)

Transition Page:


GHL and PSE Comparison Matrix

GHL Info Sheet

GHL Terms and Conditions