Emergency responders training

Instructor-led training at a PSE location

PSE sponsors instructor-led training for firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians, 911 call centers, public works departments and emergency management agencies in how to respond to gas and electric emergencies. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer any in-person trainings at this time but we do have other options available. See below for more information.

Virtual training

PSE offers a high voltage demonstration and/or natural gas safety refresher on best practices when responding to an emergency to 911 call centers, public works departments emergency responders and emergency management agencies. However, due to COVID-19, we are only able to offer this training in a virtual format. To schedule a training for a date and time of your choosing, contact Denise Steendahl at (425) 456-2489 or by email at denise.steendahl@pse.com.

Online PSE training

This resource is for first responders.


Sign up online at pse.rtueonline.com


  • Protecting yourself, your personnel and the public
  • Comprehensive review of equipment, operations and response procedures for both natural gas and electricity
  • Additional information, resources, table-top exercises based on actual events