TOGETHER, we’re creating a better energy future.

Your support has helped us launch countless projects aimed at creating a better energy future, throughout this state we all call home. We know you care as deeply about environment as we do, and that’s why we’re committed to working together to help preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

  • We're the largest wind-power producer in Washington and the third-largest utility owner of wind power in the nation.
  • We’re studying battery storage technology in a variety of scenarios throughout our service area.
  • Our hydroelectric plant at Snoqualmie Falls, built in 1898, still operates and provides clean energy to thousands of local homes and businesses.
  • In partnership with King County, we’ve captured landfill gas from the Cedar Hills landfill since 2008. Now, we’re taking what we’ve learned from working with renewable natural gas to see how it can be added to our system on behalf of our customers.

As part of this commitment, we’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint through the transition from coal, new product and resource development and cleaner transportation. Working in partnership today, we can create a better energy future.

Let’s see how much we can accomplish TOGETHER.
Tile Carbon Balance

Go carbon neutral, today

Our Carbon Balance program helps you offset your carbon footprint, today.

Use less, save more

It's easy to use less

Get rebates and offers on electric and natural gas energy-efficient upgrades.

Electrify your ride

Healthier for the planet

Are electric cars better for the planet? Find out with our carbon calculator.

Carbon Capture and Forest Management

Innovations in carbon capture, forest management

The Winston Creek Forest Carbon Project is an innovative forest management project by Port Blakely. It seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the biomass of its forest, achieved by extending forest rotation age twenty years.

Natural Gas Key to a Better Future

Natural gas: Key to a better energy future

On cold days when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, it's essential as an immediate fuel to generate electricity.

See how we’re creating a better energy future through carbon capture projects, energy efficiency programs and more, right here in the Pacific Northwest.