Puget Sound Energy rolls out public EV charging station in Bellingham
The charger at Community Food Co-op Cordata is one of at least eight opening in PSE’s service area

Bellevue, Washington (12/7/2021) In an effort to provide a fast, convenient and green way for drivers to charge an electric vehicle, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has added a third charging station in its service area

PSE's electric vehicle program, “Up & Go Electric,” has installed a public charging station in Whatcom County at the Cordata Community Food Co-op, located at 315 Westerly Rd in Bellingham. The charging station features two Level 2 charging ports and two DC fast charging ports that the public can use 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

“We are proud to support the City of Bellingham in its commitment to sustainability and expanding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in our region,” said Will Einstein, Director of Product Development and Growth at PSE. “Partnering with local businesses like the Community Food Co-op to provide public charging that is fast and accessible to all drivers, helps meet the growing demand for more electric vehicles while reducing carbon emissions in our state.”

The Up & Go Electric program opened public charging stations in Lacey and Kent, over the last two years, and plans to open more stations in other counties where infrastructure is needed to help meet customer demand for more charging options. In addition, PSE is currently installing charging stations at workplaces, multifamily residences, and community-based service providers through other “Up & Go Electric” pilot programs.

“I’m very excited about this partnership with PSE because sustainability is one of our core values,” said Donna Nygren, Cordata store manager. “In the 12 years that the Co-op has been open we’ve seen significant growth in north Bellingham. This electric charging station is a step in providing valuable and sustainable infrastructure in the area.”

Fast and convenient

The station is located near Highway 539 and Interstate 5 and has two Level 2 and two DC fast charging ports to accommodate charging by four EVs simultaneously. The DC fast chargers in particular can fully charge an EV in less than an hour.

A greener way to charge

Driving an electric vehicle charged on PSE’s grid can cut annual transportation-related CO2 emissions in half compared to a comparable gas-powered car. PSE’s Up & Go Electric public charging stations are an even greener way to charge because electricity purchased at the station is matched with 100 percent renewable energy through its Green Power program, setting our stations apart from other public charging options.

Easy to use

All drivers – not just PSE customers – can use the new Up & Go Electric app to take advantage of simple mobile payment options, monitor their charging session remotely, and more.

PSE is committed to working together to create a clean energy future for all while setting an aspirational goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon company by 2045. PSE will target reducing its own carbon emissions to net zero and go beyond by helping other sectors to enable carbon reduction across the state of Washington. Partnering with our customers like this helps PSE engage more people in that mission.

PSE Up & Go Electric wants to make it as easy as possible for our customers to save money and help the environment by electrifying their transportation. To learn more about electric vehicles and Up & Go Electric, visit pse.com/electricvehicles.

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