PSE customers offered 'Solar Choice'

BELLEVUE, Wash. (7/13/2018) Puget Sound Energy’s new Solar Choice program is offering electrical customers an affordable way to support new clean energy for as little as $5 (or 150 kWh blocks) a month.

By Janet Kim,

For as little as $5 (or 150 kWh blocks) a month, customers can reduce their electricity-based carbon footprint by matching a portion of their power usage with clean, solar energy.

“Reducing my family’s carbon footprint is something that is very important to me,” said Kenmore participant, Greg Heath, who was one of the first to join in the Solar Choice program. “By choosing to make a small investment in solar energy, I feel like my family is helping the planet in a large way.”

Similar to PSE’s Green Power program, energy for the Solar Choice program is generated at two pre-determined locations and added to the grid on the customer’s behalf. 

“We are pleased to support the development of solar energy in the Pacific Northwest and in the state of Washington,” said Therese Miranda-Blackney, Puget Sound Energy Product Development Manager. “Even though the region is known for cool, gray days, solar energy in the Pacific Northwest has a lot of potential.”

The Solar Choice program helps PSE meet its goal of providing more renewable energy options for our customers.