Heat pump sizing and lock-out control rebate

This rebate has been discontinued for 2019. If you had a project installed near the end of 2018 and need access the rebate form, they are below.

For electric customers

Receive a $300 rebate from PSE when you have your air-source heat pump sized and install lock-out control equipment in your home.

Do I qualify? (2018 installations ONLY)

customer requirements
Customer requirements
  • You must be a current PSE residential electric customer.
  • You must have an online PSE account to apply online.
  • You will need an electronic image of your paid installation invoice or purchase receipt for your installed product(s).
rebates requirements
Rebates requirements
  • Your rebate application must be submitted within 30 days of equipment installation.
Equipment requirements
  • If you have an existing air-source heat pump or are installing a new one, you must provide PSE sizing documentation that indicates that your system is properly sized for your home. This must be completed by a qualified contractor.
  • If you are installing a new air-source heat pump, it must be AHRI Certified® with a 9.0 HSPF/14 SEER rating or better.
  • Your heat pump must be sized at 30 degrees Fahrenheit and your heat pump lock-out control must be set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Existing heat pumps do not need to meet efficiency requirements for this rebate, but cannot be more than 12 years old
  • This rebate is only available with the use of new lock-out control equipment.
  • Only all electric heat pumps with electric auxiliary heat are eligible for this rebate. Heat pumps running with propane or natural gas furnaces are not eligible.

For additional savings, this rebate can be combined with PSE's air-source heat pump rebate or forced-air furnace to air-source heat pump conversion rebate.

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Heat pump sizing and lock-out control facts 

Heat pump sizing is an energy efficiency procedure that verifies that your heating system is appropriately sized for the needs of your home. The evaluation is completed by a qualified contractor and can be performed on either a new or existing heat pump.

A lock-out control is a money-saving tool for heating your home after nights with sudden drops in temperature. It prevents less efficient electric strip heat from turning on during timed warm-up cycles—usually in the morning—when your heat pump's more efficient compression heat is capable of meeting your needs by itself.