Electric fuel vehicles

Washington State has a goal of 50,000 electric vehicles (EV) on roadways by 2020 (WSDOT). Puget Sound Energy supports transportation electrification and concluded a successful Level 2 charger rebate program in 2017. PSE is currently developing new programs to support electric vehicles throughout our service territory!

Should you go electric?

Before buying an electric vehicle you’ll want to consider: 1) the car and battery size, 2) how much you drive (daily driving distance), and 3) availability of charging. This handy calculator can help you with a purchase decision:

UC Davis EV Calculator

What about charging?

Most electric vehicles charge where they park overnight. Level 1 charging is considered to be the standard household wall-plug and Level 2 charging supplies 220/240V and looks like a household dryer plug. Level 3, or DC Fast Charging (DCFC), does not typically go in the home, but available for public charging.

Depending on the type of charging and the size of your car battery, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes (DCFC) to many hours (Level 1) to fill your battery.

Plug In America has a great overview of charging here.

What if I need to charge away from home?

There are a number of public chargers available at shopping centers, street parking, and neighborhood attractions. Public stations can be found through this electric vehicle station locator.

Want to stay in the loop?

Send an email to electricvehicle@pse.com and we’ll keep you posted on new PSE program offerings coming to our service territory.