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Appliance rebates

Get cash back on qualifying models

Energy-efficient appliances can help you save money on your energy bill.



Limited time offer

From now until July 30, 2017, get a double rebate on qualifying ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, clothes washers, electric dryers, heat pump dryers and freezers purchased at participating retailers Judd & Black Appliance, King and Bunnys Appliances and DeWaard & Bode The Appliance Giants.

  • $150 rebate on ENERGY STAR refrigerators
  • $150 rebate on ENERGY STAR clothes washer and dryers
  • $50 rebate on ENERGY STAR freezers
  • $300 rebate on heat pump dryers

Your double rebate can help local families in need, too. Choose to share all or part of your rebate with Food Lifeline, and PSE will match donations, up to $5,000. PSE is proud to partner with local retailers to help Food Lifeline solve the hunger crisis in our local communities. For every dollar donated, Food Lifeline is able to provide the equivalent of four complete meals to families in need. Visit participating stores to learn more about this special offer.

Plus, you can combine the double rebate offer with an additional rebate from Whirlpool for up to $450 on a HybridCare™ heat pump dryer. Must apply for Whirlpool HybridCare™ heat pump dryer rebate at Offer good until December 31, 2017.


Appliance rebates

Upgrade an old, inefficient dryer, fridge, clothes washer or freezer and save big.

Appliance type Rebate value
ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator
(7.75-30 cubic ft. only)
ENERGY STAR® certified clothes washer $75
ENERGY STAR ® certified freezer $25
Heat pump dryer $150
(*Can be combined with limited time $450 Whirlpool rebate – see “Limited time offer”
for details.)

Appliance gas conversion rebate

Convert an electric clothes dryer to natural gas and save big.

Appliance type Rebate value
ENERGY STAR ® natural gas clothes dryer $500

How to qualify

How to apply