Building Tune Up

Program description

The Building Tune-up Program provides incentives for building owners that want to go after low/no-cost energy efficiency opportunities but not the full commissioning process. Throughout the process, you will work with PSE and a pre-approved commissioning provider or tune-up specialist to analyze your building’s energy consumption and leverage the building operator’s expertise to implement operational and maintenance measures.

What you get

If you qualify for PSE's Tune-up program, you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive on-site review of your facility's systems once committed.
  • Recommendations for low/no-cost operational and maintenance (O&M) improvements.
  • Identified capital projects including energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Training to identify, track, and maintain energy savings for (O&M) staff.
  • Tune-up report documenting how to operate your building efficiently and to maintain realized energy savings.

Building tune-up incentives

Implementation Incentive

Once the Tune-up has been implemented and all required training and documentation provided, you will receive the implementation incentive. This incentive is provided for the successful completion of the tune-up process and is not tied to how well the building has performed at this point in the process.

PSE all (Electric or Electric/Gas)
Electric Natural gas$5,000

PSE Electric service only (Other Gas)

PSE Gas service only (Other Electric)
Natural gas$2,000

*The incentive is the minimum implementation incentive and will be increase for buildings above 100,000 square feet.

First-Year Performance Incentive

Once the building maintains efficient operation one year after receiving the Implementation incentive, earn an additional incentive if you have reached the 6 percent savings target. The combined incentives can cover 100 percent of the total project cost, including both tune-up and improvement investments.

Electric incentive
PSE Electric service
Electric$0.05/kWh saved

Natural gas incentive
PSE Gas service
Natural gas$0.80/therm saved

Maximum: Up to 100% of combined total of: Remainder of tune-up specialist’s fee, cost of operational improvement(s), and/or energy efficiency upgrade(s).

How you qualify

Knowing that each building is unique in operation and characteristics, below is a quick list of indicators of your building’s potential. How do you know this program is for you?

  • Building has 50,000 square feet or more of conditioned space and is at least 75% occupied.
  • Building is managed by automated controls.
  • Energy use is higher than expected and/or trending upwards.
  • Maintenance has been deferred to some extent.
  • Building O&M staff desires efficiency training.


A successful tune-up project is the result of understanding and commitment to the PSE requirements and tune-up process prior to getting started. Below are some key contributing factors:

  • Management commitment
  • Dedicated staff time
  • Implementation of identified opportunities*
Maximum Required Cost of Improvements

PSE elec (other gas)

PSE gas (other elec.)

*The customer is only require to implement measures that have a 2-year or less simple payback with a total implementation cost of no more than what is listed above for each type of customer.

How you apply

Building tune up program flow

Preapproval — You or your Tune-up Specialist submit a PSE application along with a building checklist, included in the program document, for PSE to review and approve prior to tune-up.

Kickoff — All parties including management, operations staff, specialist chosen to perform work, and PSE will meet to discuss the project and answer any question.

Implementation — The specialist will complete the tune-up checklist, implement the high priority opportunities, and create a manual for future review to maintain savings.

Performance — After the implementation of the cost-effective opportunities, the building energy use is observed for 10-months for the final incentive.

Tune-up Specialist

All of PSE’s commissioning and tune-up programs require a minimum level of experience in addition to a high-level understanding of building energy using systems. Successful providers also have strong interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to investigate, implement, and verify energy efficiency opportunities.

PSE and the City of Seattle, through NEEC, maintain an updated list of prequalified specialists that are qualified to participate in PSE’s tune-up program for those wishing to find a specialist to tune their facility. If you have a person you wish to use that is not preapproved by PSE or the City of Seattle, you can submit the tune-up specialist application to receive preapproval.


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