Packaged terminal heat pumps

Install enhanced comfort

Increase functionality, reliability, and comfort for your guests, all while optimizing energy usage and satisfaction for your business when you replace your guest room through-the-wall air conditioners with qualified packaged terminal heat pumps.

Packaged terminal heat pumps, or PTHPs, are compact and efficient heating and cooling units that will save you energy through the use of heat pump technology . Hotel owners typically have PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioners) in their guest rooms, or sometimes even baseboard heating, which use inefficient electric resistance heating and at least 35% more energy than their PTHP cousins. PTHPs are excellent replacements to through-the-wall PTACs because they can be inserted into the existing metal sleeve with minimal adjustments.

By upgrading from PTAC to PTHPs, hotel guests will be provided with a comfortable, easy to control, and quiet stay. And you can find satisfaction in the efficiency, easy maintenance and convenience PTHP units offer your business.

What you get

You must receive Pre-Approval to qualify for this program.

Once Pre-Approved, receive a PSE rebate covering up to $2,000 per unit when replacing existing electric resistance heating with a code-exceeding, AHRI Certified® packaged terminal heat pump (PTHP). This rebate is capped at $2,000 per unit, cannot exceed the purchase price of the qualified product, and does not include installation, labor, or taxes.

Example 1:

  • PTHP unit cost is $925 without installation, labor, or tax;
    • PSE Rebate is $925 (rebate cannot exceed the cost of the PTHP)

Example 2:

  • PTHP unit cost is $2,200 without installation, labor, or tax;
    • PSE Rebate is $2,000 (rebate is capped at $2,000 per PTHP)

How you qualify

Before beginning the Pre-Approval process, double-check to make sure you meet the customer requirements listed below.

Identifying and approving the specific type of equipment you currently have and plan to replace is part of the Pre-Approval process, so we highly recommend delaying the purchase of new equipment until you receive an Existing Equipment Approval Email from PSE.

Customer requirements

  • You must be a current PSE commercial electric customer in the hospitality/lodging industry. Our pre-approval process will determine if your specific facility type qualifies. Some facilities are subject to additional requirements based on occupancy type.
    This may also include:
    • Boarding/rooming houses, apartment hotels, dormitory, and shelter facilities.
    • Residential care building types, which for the purposes of this rebate may include: nursing homes, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities.
  • You must be replacing pre-existing electric resistance heating in guest rooms.
    • If your rooms have existing packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC), then those rooms qualify for a replacement.
    • If your rooms have existing base board heating, then those rooms qualify for a replacement.
    • If your rooms have existing packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHP), then those rooms DO NOT qualify for a replacement.
    • Replacement of gas-sourced heating does not qualify for this rebate.
  • New Construction projects are not eligible for this rebate.
  • This rebate is specifically for packaged terminal heat pump equipment. If you are interested in Ductless Heat Pump technology but not specifically PTHP, please visit PSE’s heat pump rebate page for more information.

Qualifying equipment requirements

You must receive Pre-Approval to qualify for this program. We highly recommend delaying the purchase of new equipment until you receive notification from PSE that you have been approved for the program.

Not all PTHP units qualify for the rebate. Your PTHP must be new, certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, And Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), and exceed Washington State Energy Code (WESC) by a minimum of 10%.

The table below shows the values that exceed WSEC by 10%. Qualifying PTHP units must have an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and Coefficient Of Performance (COP) that meets or exceeds the values in the table, based on the heating and cooling capacity of the unit. You can find the EER and COP to determine if PTHP meet these requirements in a few ways:

  • Look on the Spec Sheet of the specific make and model of your proposed PTHP;
  • Visit the AHRI directory and search for the specific make and model of your proposed PTHP;
  • Ask your equipment sales representative or contractor. Once you know your proposed PTHP unit’s heating and cooling capacity in BTUs, compare the numbers with the data points in the table below.

Once you know your proposed PTHP unit’s heating and cooling capacity in BTUs, compare the numbers with the data points in the table below.

  • Tip: Use the proposed PTHP’s Cooling Capacity in BTUs to determine which minimum EER is required to qualify.
  • Tip: Use the proposed PTHP’s Heating Capacity in BTUs to determine which minimum COP is required to qualify.

PTHP Efficiency Requirements – 10% above WA State Energy Code
Capacity in BTU <8,000 8,000 – 10,999 11,000+
Cooling - Minimum EER 10.2 9.8 9.1
Heating - Minimum COP 3.0 2.9 2.8

Apply for Pre-Approval

If you meet the customer requirements listed above, then the first step towards Pre-Approval is to complete a Pre-Approval form:

* required field

The information above will allow us to verify your location and PSE account. If any of the above does not qualify, you will receive a notification with an explanation and/or instructions for next steps.

If your location and PSE account meets the qualifications, the next step in the Pre-Approval process is to visually confirm that your existing equipment meets the rebate qualifications. A PSE Verification Team representative will contact you to schedule an on-site visit. Pre-Approval is on a per room basis, so our Verification Team will require access to EACH ROOM that contains units you’d like to replace.

If we are unable to verify your existing equipment, you will NOT be Pre-Approved for the program, and you won’t qualify for the rebate.

To help us prepare for the on-site visit, please tell us what type(s) of equipment you currently have in your rooms.

I understand that PSE provides rebate incentives for measures that are designed to save energy but I acknowledge that estimated energy savings are not guaranteed and I understand that PSE has made no express warranties or representations with regard to these products or their installation. I acknowledge that I am responsible for meeting applicable code requirements, determining the adequacy of installation, and paying all amounts owed to contractors/suppliers. Further, I understand that this is a tariffed service and is subject to change or termination without prior notice. PSE reserves the right to inspect any installation prior to rebate approval and/or after rebate payment and I agree to provide PSE reasonable access for such purposes. I authorize PSE to release my customer account information, including my billing and energy usage information, to an independent, third-party evaluator solely for the purposes of evaluating this rebate program, confirming energy savings and for other quality assurance purposes. The disclosure of your private information will comply with PSE’s privacy policy and state regulation.

Additional Pre-Approval requirements you can expect

As a reminder, please do not purchase new PTHP equipment before receiving your Pre-Approval from PSE.

Once you have received your Pre-Approval and before purchasing and installing new PTHP units, we will need to confirm that the equipment you have chosen to purchase qualifies for the rebate. This is further down the road in your project but we want to let you know that we'll eventually be asking for the following:

  • We will ask you to provide a copy of your quote showing the manufacturer and model number and itemized unit costs of the PTHP equipment you want to install. Eventually we will also ask you for your purchase Invoice for your equipment, but for this stage a Quote is best so that we can qualify what you’d like to purchase. Any Pre-Approval rebate amount is subject to change in the event that equipment pricing on final invoice differs from previously submitted quote.
  • We will ask you to submit a completed W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form for your business.
  • We will ask for your estimated date of equipment installation.

Looking ahead

Please do not purchase your equipment without receiving pre-approval from PSE. You may not be there yet, but we’d like to give you an idea of what’s ahead in the project process so we can set your expectations:

Once the necessary requirements have been met, you will receive an Existing Equipment Approval Email with instruction on what to do next. Once those steps have been completed you will be given specific instruction (through an Installation Approval Email) when you may begin moving forward with equipment purchase, installation, and subsequent next steps.

Eventually, once all steps have been completed and equipment has been fully installed, we will instruct you to notify PSE by responding to your Installation Approval email thread. Once this occurs and any PSE verification needs are satisfied**, you should expect to receive your rebate* within 6 to 8 weeks.

*Any PSE’s pre-approved rebate amount is subject to change in the event that equipment pricing on final invoicing differs from previously submitted quote or invoice. PSE rebate will be based on final invoice equipment pricing.
** All PSE rebate projects may be subject to a randomly selected on-site verification to confirm installation and equipment eligibility. If your project is randomly selected PSE will contact you, based on the contact information provided on the pre-approval form, in order to schedule this verification prior to rebate payment.

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