Small- to Mid-size Lodging Efficiency Program

Improve the efficiency of your hotel or motel

PSE recognizes that hotels are a tough business and that our hotel owners and operators are often on deck for every task under the sun. This leaves you stretched thin and often too busy to look into potential ways to reduce your utility bill or save energy. That’s why we have created the Small- to Mid-size Lodging Efficiency Program!

For hotel owners and operators with 150 rooms or less, this program provides a comprehensive and free energy assessment of your facility. Where identified, we will even install proven energy-saving products including lighting, water heating and HVAC. Many of them even come at no cost to you! In addition, the Small- to Mid-size Lodging Efficiency Program can help increase your facility’s efficiency by coordinating with other PSE-funded programs to create a more comprehensive list of energy-saving actions you can take.

Let PSE kick off your energy saving journey with us by scheduling a free energy assessment today!

What you get

Once scheduled, PSE will send a small business energy specialist out to your location to do a comprehensive energy assessment of the facility. They will be looking for ways to directly improve your business and increase energy savings. They may identify simple upgrade options including:

  • LED lighting: Fixture upgrades, exterior lighting, exit and open signs.
  • Occupancy sensors: Sensor controls that turn off lighting when a space is unoccupied.
  • Water savers: Low-flow faucet aerators and pre-rinse spray heads.

When your energy specialist is done, they will provide you with:

  • The results of your energy assessment, including energy savings project identification, savings calculations and return-on-investment.
  • Installation (or will work to schedule installation) of any no-cost LED lighting and water-saving opportunities identified, where eligible.
  • A proposal including additional energy efficiency upgrade opportunities that may require financial investment, where eligible.

Finally, as the owner and operator of the facility you will end up with reduced energy use and savings on your utility bill and an improved environment for your guests and employees.

Energy Assessment for 150 room facility or less
ElectricElectric – $Free

ElectricNatural Gas – $Free

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How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE's Small- to Mid-size Lodging Efficiency Program:

  • You must be a current PSE commercial electric* or dual-fuel* (using both) customer in the hospitality/lodging industry. This may also include:
    • Boarding/rooming houses, apartment hotels, dormitory, and shelter facilities.
    • Residential care building types which, for the purposes of this rebate includes: nursing homes, retirement home, and assisted living.
  • You must have no more than 150 rooms at your facility.
  • New Construction projects are not eligible for this rebate.

*PSE electric customers have the greatest energy saving potential in this program, as the natural gas opportunities within it are naturally smaller. Customers in Snohomish County can take advantage of this program’s offerings for both of their fuel types due to a partnership between PSE and Snohomish County PUD.

For help verifying your qualifications, send an email to

How you apply

To confirm your eligibility and schedule your free assessment with one of our specialists, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Customer account number
  • Facility address
  • Preferred method of contact
    • Phone number and/or email for scheduling
  • Number of total guest rooms at your facility
  • Any additional facility or background information you’d like to provide, or any specific questions or opportunities you’d like to discuss.

PSE will reach out to you based on the contact information provided in order to confirm your eligibility and schedule your assessment. Note that PSE's program spans 10 counties, over 6,000 square miles, and all of our qualifying small- to mid-sized hotel customers within, so we appreciate your patience as we work to balance the assessment and installation scheduling together.

Additional information

Lodging equipment rebates

PSE also offers rebates for qualified customers and equipment in the following categories. Click on the links to learn more.

Commercial foodservice rebates

PSE has an extensive rebate program to help you upgrade to energy efficient foodservice equipment. This can be anything from the ice machines found on each floor to the heavy equipment found in your hotel restaurant. Visit the Commercial Foodservice Equipment Rebate Program page to learn more.

Custom energy efficiency opportunities

We also offer incentives for choosing energy-efficient steps that aren’t covered under our direct install program.

  • Replacing old, less efficient with new, higher efficiency equipment, including:
    • Improving efficiency of processes, new energy management systems.
    • Humidification, custom lighting, heating and cooling efficiency.
    • Boiler replacements, controls and heat recovery, laundry ozone.
    • Pump and fan replacements, water-flow controls.
  • Eligible upgrades and incentive amounts are consistent with those listed on the Customized Retrofit Grants page.


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