Commercial connected thermostats

What you get

Receive up to a $200 rebate from PSE when you purchase a qualifying commercial connected thermostat for your business.

Commercial connected thermostats connect to the internet so you can monitor and adjust temperature remotely. They also offer programming and multistage scheduling and allow you to sync HVAC operation with occupancy.


How you qualify

Customer requirements

  • You must be a PSE commercial electric or natural gas customer replacing a thermostat that is not capable of connecting to the internet.
  • The systems controlled must serve a single zone and have their own supply fan.
  • Customers with Building Management Systems or Building Automation Systems are not eligible.
  • Residential metered customers are not eligible. Please visit our residential thermostats page for other options.
  • Hotel and motel customers are not eligible for this rebate. Please visit PSE's occupancy-based thermostat rebate page for more information.

Equipment requirements

Your commercial connected thermostat must be listed on the Qualified Products List and be programmed to the following specifications:

  • Unoccupied temperature setback
  • Fan schedule set to auto mode for unoccupied hours
  • Override duration limited to 3 hours or less
  • Heat pumps must have resistance heat lockout enabled

Additionally, the rebate cannot exceed the pre-tax purchase price of the thermostat.

For help verifying your qualifications, send an email to

How you apply

If you meet the requirements above, you can receive a rebate by completing the following steps within 60 days of having your commercial connected thermostat installed:

  • Fill out the application
  • Gather a copy of your equipment invoice and photo(s) of your previous thermostat.
  • You must submit a completed W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form for your business.
  • Submit the above materials via email or mail:

Additional information


The programming capabilities of commercial connected thermostats are more advanced than thermostats that are not capable of connecting to the internet. They go beyond the 5-2 programming option, offering 365-day programming. You can even schedule special holiday settings for five years out.

History and analysis

Commercial connected thermostats save your HVAC history online. This data can be used to identify use patterns, diagnose failures, and help you troubleshoot problems such as imbalanced heating.


You can set notifications to alert you about extreme building temperatures and parts requiring maintenance. Thermostats without internet capabilities can only display a limited number of reminders based on HVAC run time or set intervals, but commercial connected thermostat alerts are based on the live and historical performance of your HVAC system.

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