Permits and inspections

If you're building or remodeling, you need to follow all federal, state and local codes and pass inspections before Puget Sound Energy can install an electrical or natural gas service to the home.

The 2018 Washington State Energy Code went into effect on February 1, 2021. Check the Washington State Energy Code as well as your local city and county codes for a successful project.


Natural gas service installations

Check with your local jurisdiction about having your gas piping inspected and approved before PSE can install a natural gas meter and start service.


Electric service installations

Either your local jurisdiction or the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries will perform the inspection to ensure compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) in addition to any local rules and regulations. While NEC provides minimum requirements, PSE may apply higher standards.

Some cities perform their own electrical inspections. Otherwise, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries performs the inspections. For contact information, select an appropriate link below:


Washington State Department of Labor and Industries


City jurisdictions

Inspections conducted on federal property must be performed by the federal government and those performed on tribal lands are conducted by tribal personnel.

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