Hydrogen pilots

Hydrogen pilot at PSE’s Georgetown Training Facility – April 2021

PSE conducted its first hydrogen pilot at its Georgetown Training Facility in Seattle, in April 2021.

As a part of this pilot, the testing team performed a series of tests using 5%, 10%, and 15% hydrogen/natural gas blends and compared the results with 100% natural gas. For each of these scenarios, the system was tested for leaks, air quality after combustion, gas quality, and impact on the appliances used.

The tests allow PSE to become familiar with hydrogen natural gas mixes, protocols for its safe use, collect quantitative and qualitative data to infer system response, and understand the operational, safety, and customer use challenges associated with its use.


Hydrogen pilot at PSE’s Tacoma Operating Base – Jan 2022

PSE has kicked off a second hydrogen pilot at its Tacoma Operating Base. As a part of this pilot, a 15% hydrogen and natural gas blend was injected into a test distribution system (not impacting PSE’s regular distribution) comprising of a Regulator Skid and a separate Polyethylene (PE) distribution system.

The Gas Standards and System Engineering teams selected components of interest to study how they’re impacted by a hydrogen and natural gas blend. The team will continue to monitor the test system over a course of time, adjusting pressure levels as needed and testing for leaks using specialized hydrogen detection tools. At the end of the test period, they will conduct an analysis of all the components to determine how they have aged after prolonged exposure to the hydrogen blend.

Special hydrogen detector

A PSE staff member checks for leaks using a special hydrogen detector