Attend a PSE wildfire preparedness open house, either in-person or online.


Over the past decade, wildfires have emerged as a significant public health and safety concern for much of the Western United States. As our state’s largest utility, PSE is taking a comprehensive approach to mitigating the evolving risk of wildfires, working to ensure safety while maintaining the reliable delivery of energy to our communities.

Learn more about how PSE works year-round to prepare for and prevent wildfires, including Public Safety Power Shutoffs, and how you can prepare for wildfire season and other emergencies.

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During high-risk wildfire weather conditions, PSE may temporarily shut off power lines to help prevent wildfires from starting. This tool of last resort is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

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See a “danger tree” growing too close to power lines?

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Wildfire Mitigation Response Plan Hero

PSE’s wildfire program

See how we’re investing in our electric system and implementing new technologies and best practices to respond to increasing wildfire risk.

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Electric pole and power line running alongside evergreen tree trunks

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

PSPS is a tool of last resort to help prevent wildfires. Find out how they work and how to prepare.

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Preparing for emergencies

Outages can happen for many reasons. Having a year-round plan
and emergency kit can help you stay safe and prepared.

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