Hero EVs Incentives and You

Transportation Electrification

Attention, PSE business customers: with Washington state planning to end the sale of new gas-powered cars in the next decade, electricity is the transportation fuel of the future. PSE Up & Go Electric’s suite of fleet electrification and electric vehicle charging incentives can help your organization prepare for that future while saving you time and money.

Join PSE’s EV experts for our free Transportation Electrification webinar, where we’ll discuss our commercial EV offerings:

  • Up & Go Electric for Fleet: Helping organizations electrify their fleets with up to $250,000 in incentives covering charging and certain vehicles.
  • Up & Go Electric for Workplace: Up to $120,000 in incentives to support workplace charging stations for the use of employees.
  • Up & Go Electric for Public: PSE will cover up to 100% of the cost for organizations wanting to install charging accessible to all EV drivers.
  • Empower Mobility: PSE offers enhanced incentives and services for organizations that serve, benefit, or employ historically underrepresented communities.

Transportation Electrification
Hosted by PSE Up & Go Electric
11 a.m. – noon
Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The event has ended, but you can now view the event recording in English and Spanish.