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If this is an emergency, please contact 911 and do not submit this form. If you feel this is an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-225-5773 and do not submit this form.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) trims trees in order to maintain safe and reliable power. If you notice a tree that is dangerously close to overhead lines, please fill out this form to provide us with more information about the problem. You can also contact your local arborist. We’ll send out a PSE certified arborist to investigate at no cost to you. Remember, it's only safe for specially trained tree trimming professionals to trim vegetation growing near power lines. Please see other frequently asked questions about tree trimming.

For more information, visit our Tree Trimming webpage.

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*Please note that PSE does not trim service lines, which are wires that run from a PSE pole and attach to your home or meter pole. If you have a problem with your service line, please call Customer Service at 1-888-225-5773.

Please note that form submissions are only monitored Monday to Friday during normal business hours. You will be contacted about your question or concern, typically within three business days.