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We can help with your energy bills

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Bill Payment Assistance programs

We offer two bill payment assistance programs for residential customers to help pay your electric or natural gas bills. Eligibility is based on your household income and the number of people that live in your home.

Available programsStep 1: Available programs

COVID Bill Assistance (CACAP)

The COVID Bill Assistance Program (CACAP) was created to support our customers impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. CACAP provides qualified customers with up to $2,500 in energy assistance support. By applying for CACAP we will automatically initiate an application for HELP, our other energy assistance program, which may provide you with additional financial assistance once you’ve completed your appointment with your local CAP agency. (Learn more about CACAP.)

PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program (HELP)

This provides qualified customers with bill-payment assistance beyond the Washington state LIHEAP program. HELP is for customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to circumstances not related to COVID-19.

Gather documentationStep 2: Gather documentation

Make sure to have a copy of your photo identification and income documentation to complete your CACAP application. (Learn more about income documentation.)

ApplyStep 3: Apply

If you have a PSE digital account, you can begin your application by clicking GET STARTED below. Log in and select "Request Assistance" from the menu to choose either the HELP or CACAP program.


By clicking the above button, you will leave and be redirected to an external site if you are currently logged in. Please review the privacy policy of that site, as it may differ from our own.

Weatherization: Get help to upgrade your home and lower your energy bill

PSE's Weatherization Assistance Program helps protect your home and its interior from external elements including the cold climate. This income-based program provides free upgrades for single family homes, manufactured homes or eligible apartment buildings. Upgrades include insulation, roof repairs, duct sealing and much more.

To get started, you can check the income guidelines and find your local agency for application below.

LIHEAP program

The federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides financial assistance to eligible low-income households to help pay their winter heating bills.

Income guidelines

You may qualify for assistance programs if your household net monthly income does not exceed the limits below.

Use these income eligibility limits as a guide only. To confirm eligibility, please apply for an assistance program or contact PSE (1-888-225-5773) with questions.

Salvation Army Warm Home Fund

The PSE Warm Home Fund* is administered by The Salvation Army and funded by voluntary contributions from PSE customers, employees, and investors. If you would like to help PSE customers in need with short-term bill payment assistance, please donate to the Warm Home Fund. You can donate by including a little extra in your next bill payment – just specify the amount on your online payment page or payment stub.

*For income eligible customers who have received an Urgent or Final notice on their energy bill, or whose service has been disconnected. Contact your local Salvation Army to initiate the process for receiving PSE Warm Home Funds.


CACAP Program information:

Frequently asked questions

Income guidelines

CACAP Application Video