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Generating your own power

By producing your own renewable energy you can lower your electric costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more at the links below:

Interested customers

Net Metering and other incentives

Net Metering helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy with energy you generate at home. Your power can be generated with solar, wind, biogas and other eligible renewable resources. State and Federal incentives may also be available to you.


For more information see WSU's Energy Program Announcement

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    How Net Metering Works


    Through Net Metering, PSE keeps track of the energy you use and the amount of excess power your system generates. The energy you send back to the grid is credited against your usage so you only pay for the net amount of energy that PSE provides, plus your basic monthly charge.

    Benefits of Net Metering:

    • Reduces your electricity bills.
    • Reduces your carbon footprint
    • Allows you to use your own clean energy source, without giving up the reliability of the PSE grid.

    Federal Incentives

    Explore the Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit, available for residential and commercial projects:

    State Incentives

    Solar customers may be eligible to participate in the Washington Production Incentive Program, which PSE voluntarily administers to qualified customers. To participate you need to:

    • Be the account holder at the address where the renewable energy system is installed and have a valid interconnection agreement with PSE.
    • Include designated production metering into your renewable energy installation. (PSE’s Rate Schedule 151 outlines our production meter costs and requirements).
    • Be certified by the Washington State University Energy Program as eligible for annual incentive payments.

    Eligibility to participate in the production incentive program is determined by WSU.


    Please be aware that PSE cannot guarantee the availability of the Washington Production Incentive Program funds. Eligibility in the state incentive program is determined by the WSU Energy Program. Customers can submit an application to this program only after their renewable energy system has been installed and passed its final electrical inspection. Per state law, WSU Energy Program can only obligate up to $110 million dollars in incentive payments to participants statewide.

    WSU Energy Program has set deadlines for applications to the State Production Incentive Program. 

    • The deadline to submit an application for Community Solar or Shared Commercial Solar pre-certification will be November 16, 2018.
    • The deadline for Customer-Generators to complete their projects (permits finalized) is January 31, 2019, with certification applications submitted to WSU by February 14, 2019.

    If earning the state incentive plays a crucial part in your decision to invest in solar energy, we encourage you to learn more about the availability of incentives at and discuss the risks and project timeline with your installer.

    Steps to apply for Net Metering

    If you're thinking of generating your own electricity to meet a portion or all of your electricity needs, we can help you through the Net Metering process. A net meter is capable of measuring both the electricity supplied by the utility as well as any excess supplied by the customer's system back to the grid and is designed for systems up to 100 kW of generating capacity. For systems that exceed this generation level, please contact one of our Energy Advisors at 1-800-562-1482.

    To get started:

    Select an experienced installer. Through PSE Recommended Energy Professionals (REPs) you can find a dependable and qualified solar installer. The installer will help you determine if your home/business is a good candidate for solar. We recommend you get multiple bids on your project and check their references.

    Interconnect with PSE. Once you’ve selected an installer, they will help lead you through the process of connecting your solar array to the PSE power grid. The process is as follows:

    1. Submit an Interconnection application and a Net Metering agreement using our online portal
    2. PSE will review your project submission. If accepted, PSE will issue you an Approval to Construct
    3. Procced with solar installation, following local codes and permitting requirements
    4. After your electrical permit has been finalized, submit your Notice of Completion to PSE
    5. PSE will then order meters
    6. PSE will execute your Net Metering agreement
    7. If participating in the state’s production incentive program, be sure to certify your system with WSU.

Existing customers

The net metering policy for Washington state is designed to let customer-generators offset their electricity consumption with solar energy production on an annual basis. If you use more energy than you produce during a given bill period, then you pay PSE for your net purchase, plus the basic service charge.


Find resources and guidelines for solar contractors and installers. Please remember that all customer generation system applications and schematics must be approved by PSE before a system is installed.