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As PSE moves forward with installing Up & Go Electric charging stations in our service area, we’re taking precautions to keep workers and the public safe, including requiring six feet of physical distance, the wearing of face coverings and abiding by the Governor’s COVID-19 Job Site Requirements Plan.

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There are over 50,000 electric cars cruising the roads of Washington state and more are added every day. With dozens of makes and models now on the market, it's getting easier to choose an electric car for your next vehicle purchase.

Why go electric?

Whether you want to geek out on the cost-savings or reduce your carbon footprint, we’re here to help you understand the costs and benefits of driving an electric car. There is a reliable, safe and fun electric car for you!

  • Electric cars are fun to drive.
  • Electric cars require less maintenance and cost less to fuel.
  • Charging is no big deal, with a little planning.
  • Electric car batteries are proven and safe.
  • Electric cars are healthier for our planet.
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Charging an electric car

Charging an electric car

Learn about the many electric car charging options available.

Electric Vehicle Guide

Electric vehicle guide

Compare models and discover how much money you can save by going electric.

Owning an electric car

Owning an electric car

Understand what it's like to drive and maintain an electric car.

Free rides and drive events

Free Ride & Drives

Test multiple models of electric cars with zero sales pressure at an event near you.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions we get about electric cars.

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Charging with PSE

PSE is making it easier to go electric with reliable charging where you work, live and drive.