Lake Hills Phantom Lake FAQs

Project Need

  • What is the Lake Hills-Phantom Lake 115 kV transmission line project?

    It will build a new 115 kV transmission line between the Lake Hills and Phantom Lake substations in East Bellevue. This project will improve electric service reliability for more than 12,000 customers in the Crossroads, Robinswood, Lake Hills, Eastgate and Phantom Lake neighborhoods.

  • Why do we need this project?

    To improve reliability by making sure there is a backup plan in case one transmission line goes down.

    PSE's Lake Hills, College and Phantom Lake substations are served radially, which means that each substation only has one transmission line connecting it to the power grid. If the single radial line serving a substation goes offline for any reason, all customers served by that substation lose power.

    The Lake Hills-Phantom Lake 115 kV transmission line project will help solve these problems by building a new transmission line to connect the three substations. The new transmission line will create a “loop”, which means each substation will be connected to the power grid by two transmission lines. If one line goes out, the other line will still feed power to the substation and keep the lights on for customers. Creating redundancy like this is a critical part of keeping our electric system healthy and ensuring our customers have reliable power. It’s how PSE plans the overall system. The area is one of the few remaining in Bellevue lacking the necessary redundancy.

  • What would happen if the project is not built?

    The electric system in East Bellevue will continue to experience reliability problems, and the affected neighborhoods will continue to have an increased likelihood of outages.

    PSE’s mandate is to provide reliable power to our customers. We are building this transmission line to address the existing reliability problems, and as part of a plan to address the Eastside’s growing energy needs to ensure we can continue to provide East Bellevue customers with reliable power for years to come.

  • Why was this solution and route selected?

    PSE has been working with the community and the City of Bellevue since 2007 to solve the system reliability issue while attempting to minimize impacts to the surrounding areas.

    • Fewer park impacts, like loss of vegetation and visual access
    • Greater opportunities for mitigation
    • Fewer infrastructure impacts
    • A smaller number of residential and commercial properties directly affected by the transmission line

    We are also coordinating with the City to ensure this project will not conflict with a public improvement project planned for SE 16th St. We plan to postpone construction of the line along SE 16th St so we can collaborate with the City on design and construction timeframes.

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