Puget Sound Energy transmission line project

Woodland - St. Clair transmission line and substation projects

2018 project updates

  • Project planning will resume in 2019.
  • Construction of the transmission line between the old Fern Hill substation site in Tacoma and the Woodland substation in Puyallup is scheduled to begin in 2022.
  • In August 2015, we completed construction to improve reliability along the Frederickson – Gravelly Lake line at the Tillicum Tap by relocating and upgrading an automatic switch.
  • Construction of the Gravelly Lake substation to South Tacoma Way transmission line upgrade was completed in 2012.

Project overview

To increase reliability for up to 28,000 customers and meet the growing demand for power in Pierce and Thurston County, Puget Sound Energy is upgrading the existing low-voltage de-energized 55 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines to 115 kV standards. These projects will include upgrading one substation and rebuilding or upgrading about 12 miles of transmission line.

The multi-year construction effort includes the following projects and expected timelines:

2018 - 2020 projects
  • Rebuild transmission line: PSE will rebuild 7.5 miles of existing de-energized 55 kV transmission line to115 kV standards from our old Fern Hill substation site in Tacoma to the Woodland substation in Puyallup.
  • Woodland substation in Puyallup: PSE will rebuild the existing Woodland distribution substation to add transmission circuit breakers which will provide 115 kV switching and transformation capabilities. Construction could begin as soon as 2018.
Completed projects
  • Automatic switch: PSE relocated and upgraded an existing automatic switch along the Frederickson – Gravelly Lake line to increase reliability for up to 2,600 customers.
  • Tree trimming and removal: To prepare for replacement of the existing transmission line with the current standard 115 kV line, PSE trimmed and removed trees along approximately five miles of existing transmission line between our Woodland substation in Puyallup and our Fern Hill substation in Tacoma.
  • Transmission line upgrade: PSE rebuilt and relocated 4.5 miles of 55 kV transmission line to our now current 115 kV standard from South Tacoma Way to the Gravelly Lake substation in Lakewood.

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