PSE’s Bremerton Substation to unveil new artwork
The artwork is part of PSE’s ARTility project, which is aimed at reducing maintenance on PSE assets by covering them with art

BELLEVUE, Wash. (10/30/2018) PSE’s Bremerton Substation to unveil new artwork

Puget Sound Energy’s Bremerton substation located in  Bremerton near Park Ave. and 10th St. will soon have new art showcased from four local artists. The artwork is part of PSE’s ‘ARTility’ project, which is a beautification project aimed at saving customers money by reducing or eliminating graffiti clean-up costs.


“Our research shows that the art has the potential to reduce maintenance costs by deterring graffiti or illegal dumping,” said Nick Hartrich, PSE outreach manager. “We are already seeing the impact this kind of artwork is having in our communities by creating attractive public spaces.”


PSE worked with the City of Bremerton and the Bremerton Arts Commission to select four artists for the Bremerton project.


“We have been working on a number of beautification efforts around the city, and we were pleased to be able to help PSE on their efforts to beautify one of their local substations by connecting them with some of our wonderful local talent,” said Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler.


The artwork, which will be displayed on twelve 4x8 panels on two sides of the substation, will represent PSE’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing its carbon footprint 50 percent by 2040.


The Bremerton Substation is one of nine projects that will be completed by the end of the year. A 21,600 sq. ft. mural at PSE’s Encogen facility in Whatcom County was completed earlier this month.


These are some of the renderings of the artwork:

PSE’s Bremerton Substation new artwork