Puget Sound Energy launches beautification project on its properties
ARTility is the company’s cost reduction beautification project that reduces maintenance on PSE assets by covering them with art

BELLEVUE, Wash. (9/27/2018) In an effort to reduce or eliminate maintenance and graffiti clean-up costs, Puget Sound Energy will be installing art pieces on a number of its properties. PSE launched ‘ARTility’ this year, which is a beautification project aimed to saving customers money while beautifying its public spaces.

The first facility that will feature the artwork is PSE’s Encogen facility in Bellingham. Local artist Gretchen Leggitt of Bellingham is leading the art project, which is a 21,600 sq. ft. mural that represents PSE’s commitment to wind and other renewable energy.

“We saw an opportunity to integrate our facilities into the community through art,” said Nick Hartrich, PSE outreach manager. “Not only will these projects help to make our properties more aesthetically pleasing, but our research shows that the art has the potential to reduce maintenance costs by deterring graffiti or illegal dumping.”

The Encogen facility, which is expected to have its mural completed by Oct. 1, is the first of nine projects that will be completed by the end of the year.

“Creating attractive public spaces to address costly clean-up is one way PSE can continue to support a more healthy and vibrant community,” added Hartrich.

You can view the mural here.