Windows rebates

Get up to $750 back on new, energy-efficient windows

Inefficient windows may increase your energy use and cost you money. PSE’s windows rebate can help.

Only homes with existing single-pane windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR® window incentive. The ENERGY STAR window incentive does not apply to homes with existing double-pane windows. You must have existing single-pane, wood- or metal-framed windows or patio doors to qualify for this incentive.

What you get

If you're eligible for this offer, you’ll receive a rebate of $50 per window, up to a $750 maximum.

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Pre-existing window type
Single-pane* wood- or metal-framed windows
rebates requirements
Rebate value
$50 per window, up to $750 total
energy star
Incentive available
ENERGY STAR windows with a U-factor of .30 or lower

*Single-pane windows: Window casing containing one pane of glass separating the inside of the home from the outside of the home.

Do I qualify?

customer requirements
Customer requirements
  • You must be a current PSE residential electric or PSE natural gas customer
how to qualify
Rebates Requirements
  • Your windows must be installed on or after Jan. 1, 2018
  • These rebates do not apply to new construction, additions that expand your home's square and/or cubic footage or installations in unheated areas of the home
  • Your rebate application must be submitted within 30 days of equipment installation
  • Required documentation: A copy of your paid installation invoice or purchase receipt for your installed product(s).
    There are two easy ways to apply. Either apply online by signing in to your PSE account to submit your application immediately and view your rebate status. Or complete a PDF of the windows rebate application, include the required documentation and email it to or print and mail it to: Puget Sound Energy, P.O. Box 97034, Bellevue, WA 98009.
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Equipment requirements
  • You must use PSE electricity or PSE natural gas as the primary source of your home's space heating.
    • You must note the primary heating system and fuel type on the application.
    • Windows must be installed within the conditioned living areas of the home at the time of submission.
  • These rebates are only available on new, qualifying equipment.

Incentives for homes with existing single-pane windows:

  • ENERGY STAR windows with U-factor of .30 or lower
  • You must have existing single-pane, wood- or metal-framed windows or patio doors to qualify for this incentive
  • The high-efficiency windows or doors must be installed to replace the existing single-pane, wood- or metal-framed windows
  • The installed windows or patio doors must meet the requirements listed below:
    • Prime windows must have an NFRC rated U-factor of .30 or lower
    • Patio doors must have an NFRC rated U-factor of .35 or lower
  • Window count is determined by the fenestration (opening) of the replaced windows. $50 per window, eligible up to $750
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