Blocked sewer and septic lines

Call PSE first to prevent cross bore danger

When you have a sewer or septic line blockage outside the walls of your home, call PSE to meet your plumber on the scene and check for potentially dangerous cross bores.

If you are contacted by Hydromax USA regarding a sewer or septic line inspection, be assured that they are an authorized PSE service partner working to ensure your safety.

Graphic depicting a cross bore; click to play video on YouTube. 

What to do

To safely clear a blocked sewer or septic line:

  1. Determine if the blockage is within the walls of your home. Only outdoor blockages pose a risk.
  2. If you think the blockage is outside, ask your plumber to call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 at least one hour before attempting to clear it. We'll immediately dispatch a technician, who can usually arrive at your location within 60 minutes.
  3. Working with your plumber, the technician will locate the sewer and gas lines and make sure it's safe to proceed. This service is free of charge.

Your plumber can help

Your plumber or drain-cleaning professional may recommend inserting a camera in your sewer to look for cross bores. This is a good practice, and if a cross bore is found, PSE will reimburse you for the camera inspection. However, you should always call PSE to work with your plumber to precisely locate both your sewer and gas lines before using a cutting tool, because a cross bore may be concealed behind other obstructions and not be visible to the plumber's camera.

Safety tips for sewer clearing professionals

Read these safety tips for professionals working with sewers in the PSE service territory.

Cross bore facts

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