Maintain your piping

Puget Sound Energy owns the natural gas pipelines up to your meter. From there on, they belong to you. It is your responsibility to maintain them.

For example: If any of your natural gas piping runs underground to serve a hot tub, pool, shop, other building or for a natural gas fueled standby generator — or if your meter is located away from the wall of your building — it needs to be maintained by you.

If your buried piping is not maintained, it may leak or corrode creating an unsafe condition. Be sure to periodically inspect buried pipes and if the piping is metallic, inspect for corrosion. Make sure repairs are done immediately. A corrosion-control company, or a plumbing or heating contractor can help inspect and repair it.

If you plan to excavate near your buried piping, it should be located in advance and the excavation should be done by hand. A service can help locate the piping if you are not sure where it is. To locate PSE-owned lines — from the street to your meter – for free, call 811. Please allow two business days before you dig.

If you smell natural gas, call PSE 24/7 at 1-888-225-5773 and we will investigate. For emergencies, call 911.